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How To Legally Become a Lash Artist In the State Of Minnesota

The state of Minnesota was one of the first states to have a separate licensure for Lash Extensions exclusively. This allows you to legally lash in the state of Minnesota without needing an esthetician or cosmetology license. This course is 14 hours, and covers the basics of eyelash extensions.

One important thing to note is the difference between certification for lashes and an actual license. Certification is something that anyone can give you for passing their course, training, or class. A license is obtained by taking a Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Certified Licensure Class, completing the class, and then taking proctored exams in order to apply for your license. You also need to pay a small fee for the license itself. You can find Board Certified programs for obtaining a Eyelash Technician Licenses here.

Finding a course that remains engaged and updated in the Lash Industry is crucial. The trends, products, and scientific understanding of lashing continually evolve. The lash industry undergoes frequent and beneficial changes yearly, if not more. Therefore, investing in a course that offers the most accurate and up-to-date information is essential.

Once you are licensed through the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology, you are able to receive compensation for eyelash extension services legally. At this point, start to invest in a course that covers more advanced techniques and skills to better hone your craft.

At Sarevay Lashes we offer an advanced 1:1 Training course that will help you discover how to work with ultra fine diameter lashes, hand make fans, achieve amazing customer service, and so much more! The information is a perfect way for you to quickly uncover the hard questions you have when it comes to lashing. Sign up for the course today. Contact Sarah at

For more blog posts and information on the lash industry, and lash topics follow @sarevaylashes on Instagram and Facebook.

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