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How To Prepare For Your Appointment

It is not uncommon to be a little nervous to try something new! Here is a quick guide for you to read over before you come to your appointment at Sarevay Lashes to ensure you are ready to go.


At Sarevay Lashes we start every service with a lash bath to ensure there is a clean surface to work on. If you do have makeup on or around the eyes when coming in, this process will remove most of it. It's best to come without any makeup or residue so that the cleaning process is easier and faster.

What To Expect

During your appointment its important to understand you will be laying down for up to 3 hours. Using the restroom beforehand will make your experience more comfortable and keep you less fidgety during the process. You will have your eyes closed for the entire duration of application, so please do not open your eyes as this can cause chemical vapors to burn the eyes. Don't be afraid to ask to stretch or adjust your position. I want all my clients to be comfortable! Most people end up falling asleep during their appointment which is absolutely fine.

Consult & Consent Form

You will need you to sign the consent form located on this page as well before your appointment. Before we start making your lashes look the best they ever have, we will go over some questions, goals, and concerns. This will be a thorough consult that includes assessing your eye set, eye shape, face shape etc. to see what style and mapping would compliment your features best. I want make sure we have you walk out of your appointment satisfied!

When You Leave

You will be sent home with a aftercare kit (included with any full set) to help care and maintain your lash extensions. There will be an 'Aftercare Card' in the kit to help guide you and answer any questions you might have concerning the care of your lashes.

If you have any further questions about your appointment please do not hesitate to reach out.



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