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Why I Am A Light Heart Lash Brand Ambassador

The answer is really as simple as 'Light Heart has the best products the lash industry could offer' but I'll go more in depth for you ;)

Light Heart is a brand that offers education for lash artists, and just launched a new product line. The founders of Light Heart- Maddi and Elliot Morris- have put so much research, hand testing, money, and time into launching the best possible line of products for Lash Artists and their clients!

The products from Light Heart are the best products I have ever used. The everywhere adhesive is a perfect viscosity and cures so rubbery and flexible. This helps with those that like to pick and "crunch" their lashes. The way this adhesive sits and helps the lashes wrap is amazing for each of my clients. The retention is amazing, these lashes stay on as long as possible.

The everything lashes are perfect for every client. Light Heart only sells 0.03 diameter lashes. This means that any style can be achieved without compromising the natural lash health of each client. These lashes are light-weight and the most perfect lush, soft, velvety lashes. The everything lashes come in two different colors; the beautiful brown lashes in the shade "Fawn", and the classic dark black.

Tweezers are a very important part of making a clients experience a good one. That is why I love my Bestie Duo tweezers. These tweezers make isolating a baby lash from an adult one so much easier, and provide me to never have any lashes stick together. This is a huge priority as a lash artist, because it eliminates the risk of any premature fallout of the natural lashes, and ensures lash health. The other tweezers (Maddi Tweezer) are amazing for creating mega volume fans. These fans are so light and fluffy the tweezers help make the process from grabbing, making, and placing faster. This helps me get my clients in and out faster so they can get back to their busy lives.

Not only does Light Heart have amazing products they provide amazing education. I am proud to say I have been Light Heart Lash certified in their In-Person Mega Volume Masterclass, Angel Lashes, Wispy Workshop, and Mapping Mastery.

Light Heart Lash is launching their liquids line this spring. I am am over the moon excited to get those products in my hands to help make my job and my clients lashes even better! Light Heart is such an amazing brand and they do so many good things for the lash community and lash clients.

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